New Year, Fresh Walls: 3 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home with Wooden Letters

Large Wooden Letters

Looking to freshen up your wall decor in the New Year? Here’s 3 easy ways to personalize your home with wooden letters!

Mount Your Family Initial Over the Mantle

Your family initial is the perfect way to personalize your living room, and pairs nicely with your family photos to create a beautiful wall arrangement. Feeling ambitious? Try spelling out your whole last name or adding the word family to your arrangement!

Add the Word Home to Your Cozy Corner 

Make your favorite cozy corner even better by adding the word home. This word pairs perfectly with the warm light of a lamp. Ready to read a book and drink some tea? 

Customize Your Game Room

Take your game room to the next level by adding fun words like playping pong, or pool! Big fan of card games? Add our custom card suits to the wall behind your card table! 

How are you using wooden letters to freshen up your wall decor this year? Let us know down in the comments! 

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