Inspiring and Fun Home Decor Ideas with Wooden Letters

bedroom wooden letters

Ready for some inspirational new home decor ideas? Wooden letters are perfect for customizing your bedroom, dining room, hobby room, and so much more.

When it comes to decorating with wooden letters, the possibilities truly are endless. The only limit is what your imagination can come up with! 

Here’s a few of our favorite customer photos we’ve received that show how they’re using wooden letters all over their home.

personalize your bedroom

Whether it’s sharing a cozy message, or your family’s initials, wooden letters are the perfect wall decor item for your bedroom. 

Our dimensional 1/2″ thick letters are the perfect highlight piece to help add depth to your room.

Choose a color for your wooden letters that contrasts with your walls to give your space a polished, warm look.

bedroom wooden letters

Create the Perfect Nursery

baby's room wooden letters


Make your baby’s room even more special by adding their name to the wall.

Letters spelling the new baby’s name is a great gift idea for grandparents and friends alike!

nursery wooden letters

Craft a Welcoming Dining Area

gather wooden letters


Few rooms are more important in your home than the place where your family gathers to eat.

Sharing the values your family stands for on your wall can make this room feel even more cozy!

dining room wooden letters

Show off your favorite hobbies

gym wooden letters


Show off your favorite hobbies to all your friends.

Wooden letters are a great way to make your home gym, studio, or any other hobby space look official!

play game room wooden letters

And . . . wooden letters are great for every other room too!

stay wild playroom wooden letters

There’s a place for wooden letters in every room in your house!

I love how cool these letters look in this playroom.

And, our home letters with wreath looks awesome in this customer’s mudroom!

If you’ve been inspired to get started customizing your own home with wooden letters, click the button below to browse our various fonts, sizes and colors!

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