Why Should You Choose Wooden Letters?

orj wooden letters

Wooden letters are a great way to add personality to your walls, but why should you choose wooden letters over other letter and sign alternatives?

Wooden Letters Are Dimensional

The biggest benefit of wooden letters is that they are dimensional, meaning that they add depth to your walls. 

Wall decor is all about adding contrast to your space, and one of the best ways to add contrast is to add a dimensional element to your wall decor. While the painting scheme is key for setting the mood of your room, it’s dimensional wall decor that can really make your walls pop. When large walls are broken up by different dimensional elements, it gives our eyes something to focus on and helps make your room look more inviting. 

Check out the customer photo above for a great example of using wooden letters to add contrast. The simple black and white contrast combined with the depth of the letters really transforms this wall.

Our wooden letters come in a standard 1/2 inch thickness, which is plenty of depth to stick off of your wall. If you’re looking for some extra depth, we can make some custom thick letters for you!

Bonus Tip: Try ordering a color from the other side of the color pallet to accentuate the contrast of the letters and the wall (like black vs white, black vs tan, etc). We offer neutral colors like black and white, and a few brighter colors like red and blue!

Wooden Letters Are Fully Customizable

While many pre-made signs and stenciled letters come in one size fits all sets, our wooden letters are fully customizable!

We offer all 26 letters in uppercase and lowercase, plus numbers and special characters. In addition, we offer several sizes of letters to fit your needs, from basic 12 inch tall letters, to letters as large as 44 inches!

No matter what your vision is, we’ve got the tools to make it happen!

When you need an extra special piece of wall decor to finish up your space, don’t settle for a generic set. Be sure to contact us and we’ll help make your vision come to life.

Wooden Letters Are Multifunctional

Lastly, wooden letters are multifunctional! While wooden letters make great wall decor for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and more, they also have a variety of uses outside of your home.

Wooden letters work great as on-stage signage for your events (and live-streams!), they are great for spreading your company’s message on your office walls, and much more!

One of our customers even used her wooden letter as a giant card for her graduation party and had all her friends sign it!

When you’re looking to upgrade your wall decor, take your space to the next level with our dimensional, customizable, and multi-functional wooden letters.

Check out the link below to explore our collection.

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