Home Letters For Wall with Wreath: Choose Quality

home sign with wreath serif letters

Adding the wooden letters “HOME” with a wreath is a great wall decor choice, but with so many options, how do you know which one to pick? Choosing a low-quality product won’t give your room the warm and welcoming feel you are looking for.

At ShapeStack, we wanted to create the perfect “HOME” letters with wreath for your wall.

We focused on three areas to make a high quality product for you: a great wreath, thick, dimensional letters, and a professional paint finish.

12" Boxwood Wreath

Full and Thick Wreath

Our home letters come with a luscious looking wreath for the “O.” There’s few things worse than cheap and flimsy looking artificial greenery.

That’s why we had a special custom wreath made just for you! Our artificial boxwood wreath is full and thick, with a beautiful, natural looking green color.

Sizing in at around 12,” the wreath nestles in perfectly next to the wooden letters.

Thick Wood for Dimensional Letters

Wooden letters add a wonderful dimensional aspect to your wall decor – they literally stick right off the wall! 

Each letter is 1/2 inch thick, which gives your letters that 3-D look. (If you read the fine print, most other manufacturers letters are between 1/8”-1/4,” not much thicker than cardboard). These thicker letters add more texture to your walls, which can greatly improve your room’s aesthetic.

We use safe and sustainable wood to make your letters. Our MDF is environmentally certified to protect you and your family from any harmful chemicals and protect our forests from depletion. 

Professional Quality Paint Finish

The quality of the paint finish can make or break your wall decor. 

Each of your wooden letters is carefully hand painted here in our Louisville workshop, so you can be assured that you’re getting a professional quality paint finish.

In addition, we use a special blend of safe, water based paint with just the right amount of gloss so it’s shiny and professional, without adding glare to your space.

When you order ShapeStack Home Letters with Wreath, you can be confident you are receiving a quality product.

Follow the link below to order yours today!

We’d love to see a picture of your home letters with wreath in your home!

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