Maximize Your Space with These Fresh Ways to Arrange Wooden Letters on Your Wall

You’ve got a great idea of quote to hang on your wall, but when you go to measure your space it won’t fit! Don’t give up on your idea just yet! Here’s some secrets to arranging your letters so that you can maximize your space, show off your style, and make your great ideas come to life!

Try Arranging Your Letters Vertically

If your letters won’t fit horizontally, try stacking them vertically!

This method works great in rooms with tall ceilings, for spaces in between doorways, and in hallways.

Try The Stacked Method

Stacking your letters (as shown in the picture) is a fun way to display your ideas.

Show off your style with this trendy look!

Arrange Your Letters Diagonally

Arranging your letters diagonally may not save a ton of space, but it sure looks cool!

This method works great for filling up a large area on your wall, adding both texture and inspiring words!

What’s your favorite way to arrange your wooden letters? Let us know down in the comments!

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