Fun Ways to Upgrade Your Wall Décor with Wooden Letters

We’ve all been stuck at home for awhile now, and those same old walls might be starting to look pretty boring. Here are a few fun ways to upgrade your wall décor with wooden letters and beat that cabin fever!

Add Your Child’s Name to Their Bedroom Walls

Adding your kids’ name to their walls is a great personal décor touch. In addition, letting your kids have fun decorating the wooden letters is a great quarantine project! Check out our recent blogpost for some ideas for the kids decorating endeavors! 

Check out this photo sent to us by a customer! Isn’t this a great creative piece of wall décor?

What unique patterns and colors will you and your kids choose to decorate your wooden letters?

Customize Your Rooms With a Special Word!

Words as wall décor are a fantastic way to a message of hope and fun. Share what’s important to you on your walls!

Maybe it’s a word like “play” or “game on” for your game room, or our “home letters with wreath” for your entryway.

Whatever word is special to you, add it to your wall décor and watch your walls come to life. 

Check out this photo of how our creative customer Julie decorated her game room with these large play letters! 

It’s time to put your heads together and decide what message you want to share on your walls!

Click the button below to check out our collection of wooden letters. We offer all kinds of sizes, fonts, and colors!

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