How to Order Lowercase Letters

lowercase n

Lowercase letters can add a beautiful natural looking touch to your home décor, but they can also be a little confusing to order! Here’s some tips to making sure you get the size you want!

We’ve made all our lowercase letters proportional to their uppercase counterparts. In this picture, both the uppercase and lowercase “N” are sized at 12 inches, but the lowercase “n” is slightly shorter to maintain the proper proportions.

So, if you want to order a word with the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase, just order all the letters you want in the same size! Basically, your order will arrive looking just you would type it. 

If you’re ordering your entire word lowercase, keep in mind that the height of the lowercase letters will probably be a few inches shorter than the size listed. Some letters like “h” and “g” will be about the same height (maybe even a bit taller) but most lowercase letters will be a little shorter like the “n” pictured here.

Need your lowercase letters to be a custom size? Contact us and we’d be happy to create a custom order for you!

If you have any more sizing questions, drop them down in the comments below!

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