Our Wooden Home Letters and Wreath is Flying Off the Shelf!


Our wooden home letters and wreath is flying off the shelf! We never could have anticipated how quickly this product would catch on, but you guys have blown us away with your support! We’re so thankful for the opportunity to help you make your house a home!

In today’s blogpost, we want to share some of our favorite customer photos we’ve received of our home letters and wreath so you can see how other people are incorporating it into their decorating plan.

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Kathy used her home letters and wreath laid out vertically to decorate her hallway!

Spaced vertically, our home and wreath stands about 5 feet tall and just under a foot wide, perfect for filling out your wall space in your hallway, entryway, and more!

Christie spaced out her letters vertically as well, but asked for hers to be painted white.

We offer both our traditional black and white letters for our home and wreath! We can also do a custom color if you need one, just let us know!


Renee laid her letters horizontally over her couch to make a great piece of wall décor for her living room! 

Spaced horizontally, our home and wreath takes up about 40 inches, and stands about 12 inches tall.

If you need a specific width or height to fit in your space, we’d be happy to work with you to make it perfect!

Kristi turned her home sign into the perfect piece of kitchen décor! Our dark black paint is the perfect contrast to the light color pallet of her kitchen.

We love to see these great customer photos! If you have a great photo of your home and wreath, be sure to leave us a review so we can see it!

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