Does Signage and Wall Decor Matter for Your Business?

Does signage and wall decor really matter for your business? Yes it does! Signs and wall decor help your business achieve a professional appearance and direct your customers to the proper focus points. 

Custom sign we made for a church auditorium.

Signs and Wall Decor Help Your Space Look Professional

Professional looking signage sets the tone of the room and creates a professional environment for your guests. This can be as simple as a sleek looking version of your name in wooden letters, or you can choose something more complex like your business logo.

At ShapeStack, we specialize in developing custom signage solutions for your business. We can create a three-dimensional version of your logo, your business name in big and bold wooden letters, and so much more.

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Giant 7-foot tall letters we created for a tutoring company!

Signs and Wall Decor Direct Your Customers to the Proper Focus Points

Letters are eye-catchers, and well-placed signs help to direct your customers to the proper focus points inside your business! If you sell products on the floor, simple visual cues like “sale,” “clearance,” or your product categories help direct your customers around your establishment and guide them through their shopping experience. 

For service businesses, signs expressing your core values and vision show your customers what you care about. 

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